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DACHEXCHANGE introduces an innovative and unique feature:


An innovative and unique feature on DACHEXCHANGE is now available. DACHEXCHANGE BANK is created for DACHX coinholders to earn extra passive income.
In addition to the masternode rewards for masternode holders, DACHCOIN has created this new feature to also reward coinholders.

How to participate in DACHEXCHANGE BANK
Participation in DACHEXCHANGE BANK is easy. Registered members have a special wallet called “BANK” with the wallet name “DACHCOIN Bank & Stake Pool”.
You can participate in DACHEXCHANGE BANK with minimum 1000 DACHX. Just deposit the amount you want to participate with and that’s all.

What are the rewards for participating in DACHEXCHANGE BANK
The uniqueness of DACHEXCHANGE BANK will let you share in 2 different rewards.
The total “BANK” account of all participants will function as staking pool. Everyone will earn their share from the rewards of the staking pool.
In addition to the rewards from the stakingpool, participants will also share in the trading fees of DACHX.
50% of tradingfees of DACHX on DACHEXCHANGE will be shared with masternode holders and participants of DACHEXCHANGE BANK.

What are the terms
The terms of participating in DACHEXCHANGE BANK are simple. Because of this unique and one of a kind rewarding system all DACHX sent to the “BANK” will be locked for 1 full month.
The key date to have deposited into your BANK is always “before” the first of each month. If you deposit after this date your BANK will begin to count from the 1st of the next month.
Rewards will be paid on the 10th of each month. Withdrawals are possible in a timeframe of the first day of the month until the 4th day of the month.

*Example: if you want to BANK 1000 DACHX and deposit this on February 28th your BANK will earn starting from march 1st until April 1st. Your rewards from that month will be paid on April 10th.
*Example: if you want to BANK 1000 DACHX and deposit this on March 3rd your BANK will earn starting from April 1st until May 1st. Your rewards from that month will be paid on May 10th.

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