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What is Authora Coin?

Authora coin is energy efficient Proof of stake cryptocurrency. Authora will be the main coin along others to support authors all over the world, by using POS Network and Blockchain Technology we aim to establish a cryptocurrency based Platform for all Authors over the world who want their work to be published, promoted and exposed to the public.

The blockchain technology allow us to have minimum fees for any transactions that occur in the network, thus allowing us to benefit the Author with high Royalties from 90% up to 95% profit for each of his works.

Coin specifications Coin Name: Authora (ATHR) Coin Type: POS & MN Max Coin Supply: 100.000.000 Block time: 1 min Algorithm: Quark Premine: 175.000 ATHR (0.175%) Maturation Time: 30 Blocks Min Stake Age: 1 hour Masternode Collateral: 5000 ATHR Mine-able: NO

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